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We got married in November 2017. The events leading up to the day we never thought either of us as individuals would ever experience are pretty inexplicable and far too long winded for a short description, what I can say is that this happened for a reason and this reason, we believe is to influence positivity and abundance with as many people through Kokoro living as possible. As change being the only constant, adapting , exploring alternative views on consciousness, and living YOUR truth are the "laws" we live by in a sometimes very difficult human experience. Both of us have done solo traveling throughout the years, and it has created a sense of openness within us. We  love immersing ourselves in different cultures and through this we have been able to learn, grow, adapt and change things that don’t nourish our lives.  We have learnt the importance of healing holistically and not wasting time on things that no longer serve us, no matter how big a role they played in previous years. We have had first-hand experience in how mind, body and spirit are all interrelated. They all influence each other, and in turn, influence the direction of our lives. They all have their part to play in this human experience. Our travels have opened us up to alternative ways of healing. We are Reiki masters and have held space for guided mediation, breath work and Reiki initiations. We have explored various forms of healing from sound healing, conscious dancing, mediation, Reiki to taking part in spiritual ceremonies, to name a few.  We feel that we want to share, via our tropical wellness retreat, the amazing life we live through daily meditation, healthy plant based diets and physical exercise with anyone who wants to learn, young or old, physically able or not....let us show you how to let life love you.


The Mission:

Empowering individuals in the achievement of positive change, creating harmony and balance within individuals through the use of holistic practices and balance.

The Vision:

We strive to support people in establishing and maintaining a healthy state of being through holistic practices, recognizing the relationship of the mind, body and soul as stated in our name “Kokoro.” Our vision is to attract people from all walks of life, providing them a safe space to acknowledge where they are currently at in their journey and the change that needs to take place in order to get them to where they want to be.

Attention is focused on the importance of balance and alignment within the human energy system. Our focus is to create awareness in the power of the mind, the minds relationship to the body, the relationship of emotions to the individual and the unity of spirit.

We will provide professional and educational advice that will help you take back what you have learnt with us so as to be able to implement it into your daily lives once you leave us. We will also provide nutritional and physical training support as this plays a huge role on how your mind works. The spiritual practices and life coaching will allow individuals to heal and grow into themselves and ultimately aim for living a conscious, balanced and harmonious life no matter where they return to.


  1. To develop self-awareness in individuals

  2. To develop self-belief and recognise integrity within oneself

  3. To know the power is always in the present moment

  4. To listen with an open heart

  5. To honour the strength in and be open to the uniqueness of others

  6. To seek solution and resolution to past traumas

  7. To see potential and unlimited possibility

  8. To promote new discovery and positive change

  9. To focus on the power of manifestation

  10. To communicate clearly and honestly. 

  11. To uplift and support, as we are all here for each other

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