1.What is the purpose of the retreat, what does it stand for and what is it that facilitates it?


The purpose of this retreat is to allow yourself an opportunity to give love back to yourself, fill your cup up again and step into using resources within to create balance and harmony in your day to day life. It is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, work on yourself, relax and leave feeling loved, valued and motivated. Our daily practices and workshops will give you tools that you can integrate and use daily.

2.How are each of the retreats structured, what does a typical day entail?


The retreats are structured in a way that allows you to feel like you are on holiday with no agenda. The package is inclusive of Mediation, yoga, massages, workshops among others, however everything is optional. There will be a morning session of mediation and yoga, breakfast and then free time to spend as you please, whether it is exploring the island, reading at the pool, working on your personal development diary, snorkeling and receiving some vitamin D on the beach, receiving massages or reiki sessions to name a few. Each afternoon we will offer a workshop and in the evenings we will feast at local restaurants and reflect, share with each other and partake in a few spiritual rituals and ceremonies if you wish to. It will be authentic and we will give you freedom to choose your days and activities.


3. Why Gili Air, Indonesia?


As exquisite, cultural and beautiful Bali is, it’s busy. There is a vast amount of traffic activity and hustle and bustle that for us, quite honestly, disrupts our every day regime. We want to provide a space where you can release and feel completely relaxed, away from the busy fast paced energy that we are so accustomed to. We want you to feel like life has slowed down, appreciate simplicity again, enjoy an authentic cultural experience without all the “tourists”. A place where there are no cars or motor vehicles, a place that is quiet and serene where you can absorb and find appreciation in the simple things in life. With less distraction there is more room for growth. A better chance for you to reconnect with yourself and a chance for you to let life love you!


4. What are the participants like and how big is the group?


There will be 12 participants in this retreat. We have no set policy on “type of participant”. Everyone is welcome. Male, female, young, old, fit, unfit, yogis, first time yoga students, spiritual and non spiritual, vegans and non vegetarians. There is room for all, without judgment, without force. This is a space for people to see the beauty in people from all walks of life. a place for people to connect and to self develop.


5. What can I expect in terms of accommodation, food and activities?


The accommodation and food is inclusive. Each person/couple will receive a private bungalow with ensuite bathroom and air-conditioning. Both breakfast and dinner are provided for you daily, choosing from an array of healthy, organic restaurants on the island with vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The food on the island is incredible and there is always a vibe! Whether it's a fish BBQ on the beach or live bands, this small island never ceases to entertain.

 There is a number of activities that are all inclusive, however all are optional. Namely: different meditation techniques and yoga teachings daily, massages, reiki healing, snorkelling excursions, authentic cooking class, exploring the island, cacao ceremony, conscious dancing, fire ceremony and performances,  daily workshops on various topics, among others.

 6. Do I need to take part in the workshops and motivational sessions? 


The answer is everything on this retreat is free will. Every activity, workshop, massage session, excursion, meal etc is optional. You have freedom to choose. You have freedom to feel like you are on holiday and the activities are just a bonus. We do however hope you will  join, as what we have in store will be greatly beneficial and can be easily integrated into your everyday life.

7. In need of a travel agent? Contact our in house travel agent for the best prices, comfort and ease for your booking.

Please feel free to email us with any further questions you may have, we are here for you every step of the way!

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