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To all the beautiful souls reading this.

Hi my name is Sherri, I grew up in South Africa, where I  graduated with a honors level degree in Psychology. When I was 10, the school I attended had a career day where all the parents came to speak about their various careers. I remember listening attentively to one mother who was a psychologist and it was then that I realised  I wanted to do the same.  I wanted to help people process situations and circumstances they experience,  I wanted to help individuals heal and find balance and harmony within. This passion grew throughout my adolescents and my desire to learn about helping people grew tremendously. As I grew older and whilst studying psychology I started to realise that psychology is only one aspect of well being. During my travels and studies I discovered that I too needed healing, I realised that work needed to be done in order for me to live my truth. I realised that it was essential for me to do the self work before helping others. This realisation is what lead me to a holistic path of healing where I discovered and learnt daily practices such as meditation, manifestation, conscious dance, yoga, among others. Psychology and life coaching have taught me a way of thinking, It has enabled me to have the ability to see situations with a different perspective and it has ultimately contributed to the person I am  today. I continue to do the self work daily as there is always room for growth and self development. My goal is to help you access the resources you have within, looking at you not from a psychological mind set but as a whole, unique individual that has the ability to let life love you.


~Post-graduate degree in education (Cum Laude)

University of South Africa (UNISA)

~Honours BA Psychology degree

(Cum Laude)

University of South Africa (UNISA)


~HIV/Aids counseling

~Personal Growth course (Lifeline South Africa)

~First aid course

~Conscious Dance (India)

~Master in Reiki Healing (Om Reiki Family -Usui reiki)

~TEFL (140 hours)

~Open water diver


 As a kid, I struggled with my weight and through this, developed very poor self esteem. It was not until I made a concerted effort to get healthy and this in tern became my passion.

After school, I studied Anatomy, Physiology, Bio-mechanics and Nutrition and became a personal trainer. In 2011, I started my nutrition company whilst personal training at the same time. The business did well and I was seeing 7 - 13 clients per day in the gym, as well as running my shop. Everything was great, money was even better but because of the long hours I was working, I was never able to actually enjoy my life and I burnt out in 2013, selling the business and taking to the sea for a new adventure. I went from being the boss to scrubbing decks and cleaning toilets. The initial sacrifice was tough, but I started to live life on my terms which is an unwavering mindset that I will always remain with.

In 2013 I also discovered meditation. I changed the way I thought and acted and started realising life happens for me and not to me. Once you realise this and start focussing on what you want instead of what you don't want, things start to happen for you. The power of thought directed into what you desire will help you manifest things that will nourish your soul. You just need to be true to yourself, live for you and everything you need will truly flow and the people you love will benefit matter how much of a cliche that might sound. 


~ HMS (Human Movement Studies)

~ Anatomy, Biomechanics, Physiology and Nutrition

- Nutritionist

~ Master of Yachts 200GT Ships Captain (PYA)

-  Kettlebell Instructor


- Sports science & Nutrition (ETA ,CP South Africa)

~ Master in Reiki

~ Advanced Fire Fighting

~ Advanced First Aid

~ Advanced Sea Survival

~ Rescue Diver

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