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The let life love you retreat is all about exactly that, letting life love you. What we mean by this is how to let life happen FOR you and not to you. We teach a balance between spiritual practice, getting in touch with yourself and with nature and most of all how to take what you've learnt with us back with you to wherever you come from, or are going. Whether it be something you want to deal with within, habits you'd like to change, emotions that need to be unblocked or simply to reconnect with your truest self through our daily practices and with like minded, beautiful souls. This is an opportunity for you to disconnect in order to reconnect, to empower yourself and learn tools that will assist you in your day to day life. This is a chance for you to let go, relax and step into the simple flow of life. This is all done with free will, no activities are compulsory, but if you choose to partake, we know they will be greatly beneficial. 



3 November - 10 November 2019 : Early bird $990 (sign up before 31 August)

Normal Price: $1200

3 Dec - 10 Dec 2019: Early bird  $990 (sign up before 31 August)

Normal Price: $1200


      All inclusive package:

  • Incredible private beach bungalows with A/C

  • Airport transfer

  • Breakfast & dinner included daily (1 drink with each meal but water is provided as well as herbal teas & coffee with breakfast)

  • 1hour Meditation practice daily

  • 1.5 hours Yoga classes daily

  • Traditional authentic cooking class

  • 2 full body 1 hour Massages 

  • 1 Reiki healing session

  • Snorkelling excursion with lunch on Gili Meno island

  • Cacao ceremony & dance meditation

  • Workshops and motivational talks daily

  • Beach bon fire & fire show

  • Personal development daily diary

Whats NOT included:

  • Airfare

  • Any type of medical aid - we will provide you with relevant information for medical hospitals etc.

  • Transport not included in the all inclusive package such as taxi's, horse carts, etc

  • Alcohol

  • Beverages above the agreed amount above

  • Extra excursions not included in the package



1. You are looking for transformation, self development and an

opportunity to fall in love with yourself again and experience

all this on a small island with like-minded people from all

walks of life.

2. You want to escape in beautiful private bungalow accommodation

situated right off the beach on the North side of Gili Air. A

tranquil place for you to relax and disconnect from society in

order to allow place for you to reconnect with yourself.


3. You want to learn different meditation techniques that are

practical, immensely beneficial, allow you to find inner

peace, focus your mind and find balance and harmony within.

These techniques will allow you to expand your spiritual

practice and can be integrated in your day to day life.

4. You want expert help in refining your yoga practice or a place

to start your yoga journey and develop the confidence to

incorporate this in your day to day life. You want a place

where questions and learning take place so that you are able

to enhance a healthy life style and develop habits that will

improve your over all wellbeing.


5. You want to eat healthy, organic and tasty food to increase

energy levels and mind body functioning as a whole.

6. You want to let go, heal from past experiences and learn the

tools that are necessary to move forward with clarity and a

renewed perspective.

7. You want to meet new people abroad and an opportunity to connect

in a safe space with a group of people who see you, feel

you, support you, motivate you, allow you to simply be with no

judgement. In this retreat, all are welcome. This is a safe space

where love is key and sacred friendships can be made.

8. You enjoy massages, reiki healing and other forms of

relaxation and energy work.


9. You want to attend optional motivational talks on different

topics such as how nutrition effects your energy levels, your

mind and over all health, breathing workshops, chakra

cleansing workshops among others.

10. You want opportunity to snorkel in crystal clear waters

and visit exquisite waterfalls in Indonesia.

11. You want to experience authentic Indonesian culture

through cooking lessons, fire performances, music, ceremonies

and more.

12. You need to disconnect from the fast pace of life, fill

your cup up again energetically, reconnect with yourself,

learn, connect, embrace, release and align yourself

energetically to learn the tools necessary to integrate the

concept of “let life love you” on your return to your day to

day life.

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